Our liquid line, produced in October 2013, provides vapers with a discerning palette a smooth and fantastic array of fabulous complexities. Must Vape will make you question how you hadn’t found us before. We strive to give you flavors that we know you have been missing in your life. You’re welcome.



About our Liquid

Exceptional Quality

Our premium e liquid is made by a collected group of worldly vaping scholars who have searched the vaping community far and wide for the best and finest ingredients that can possibly be used. Only the super suave vaping connoisseurs (preferably the ones with the prettiest mustaches) help quality test our newest flavors.

Your Safety

Our consistent commitment to you is why we exist and why we are able to continue to stay in business. We only buy the safest and best ingredients and we only use the most productive and clean facilities that are around.

Our Line

We have a lot of options for all of you to enjoy. We have multiple nicotine strengths as well many different bottle sizes. Our PG/VG ratio is: 35/65 for all of our flavors. The nicotine strengths that we offer are: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG and our bottle sizes are: 15mls, 30mls, and 120mls.

Must Vape Riddle

I’m the manly mark that milk makes, and I stand for an awesome label of juice you vape… What am I?